Universal Report Server

Universal Report Server(URS) is a dashboard for users to access custom reports designed to meet their requirements. Users can access reports for current day, can generate dashboards on live data and can retrieve historical reports very quickly. All the reports are grouped based on the system/process and users can be configured at group level or at report level. URS contains Excel Reports, Dashboards, Devexpress XAF Reports and much more.


Monitor to track the live progress and react quickly. Mobile App to Capture Operation Trackings by Operators Monitoring Paint Process across orders Dashboard with Paint Part Details

CFLow is the process of tracking operations based on work stations for each order. CFlow Mobile app is used by managers to monitor the process of all the operations, to track the progress and to make necessary actions quickly. CFlow holds information regarding all the loss details, loss categories, rework details and helps clients to identify the root cause for each loss. Operators use tablet application in order to start/stop the operations. The waterfall designs show how many orders are completed last night, completed today and that are started. At any point of time, managers can access both live data and historical data for reference.

Universal Testing System

Testing the unit's RPM, Oil Temp and Pressure Programming an Engine

Universal Test System(UTS) is a tool that is used to test a tractor/wheel loader and make sure that all the controls are working correctly using DAQ by verifying that the results are in valid range and to confirm that all the controllers are communicating with each other on CAN bus without any issues from initial stages of assembly to the completely assembled product. UTS checks for defective components for every unit manufactured and lets the operator know so that the defective components can be replaced immediately rather than dealing with the faulty ones on a fully assembled tractor.


Projected Inventory values for upcoming 5 Months Excess Inventory as of that Date with Requirements for the Year Long

Logistics group needs all kinds of reports like Inventory details, Requirement Details, MRP Exception details etc, every day. We import all the required data every day, using Integration Services (SSIS) from multiple sources to generate these reports. All the reports are available in URS and it will take no longer than 2 seconds for them to open the required report. Listed above are couple of examples, 1st one is the EOY(End Of Year) report that shows the project inventory values for current month along with next 4 months based on the requirements. 2nd one shows the excess inventory that plant has for selected date along with the future requirements captured for one year.


Dashboard with Paint Part Details Mobile App to Capture Operation Tracking Monitoring CFlow Process across orders

Pedestal Test cell is a customized version of our universal test platform. It's written in Labview and was developed to test Agricultural steering column assemblies in a production environment. The test system has a Compact Daq chassis from National Instruments and also uses CAN based communication to facilitate some tests. The system is driven off of order number and tests options specific to each model.


Dashboard with Paint Part Details Mobile App to Capture Operation Tracking Monitoring CFlow Process across orders

Parts Inventory Database (PID) is a comprehensive inventory management system with real time usage updates. The front-end provides users with an intuitive GUI to keep track of usage and schedule orders for out of stock items. The mobile clients, running on tablets, smart phones, etc., are used to search for items and check-in/check-out. Every transaction is recorded with all the relevant details.


Dashboard with Paint Part Details Mobile App to Capture Operation Tracking Monitoring CFlow Process across orders

Planning For Parts (PFP) is a one stop solution for tracking shipments and to keep up with the manufacturing process requirements. Information is collected daily from different sources including files in various formats, remote databases, Share Point websites, email attachments, etc. and compiled in a relational and secure database. Planners can use the intuitive GUI along with custom tools and reports to research, identify and predict problems/delays.

"Fargo Engineering has been a pleasure to work with. Their employees have surpassed my expectations. Every issue we have encountered has had a quick resolution. They have helped me expand my ideas of what are possible. Never seems to be a limit of what can be done. I have appreciated their patience in working with me. Look forward to having more opportunities to work with them." - Lynn Larson, FTZ Operator, CNH Fargo