• Mobile Applications

    Most of the industries are demanding Mobile Apps to improve their business. We build Mobile Apps that meets Client's requirements along with the user friendly design.

  • Windows and Web Applications

    We build custom windows and web applications to mimic any business process. This increases collaboration, reduce paperwork, and boost productivity. We provide both onsite and secure cloud hosted solutions.

  • Data Integration

    We seamlessly integrate data between systems in order to provide meaningful, valuable and latest information. We can virtually import your existing data in any format, from any data source to any defined destination.

  • Data Warehousing

    We provide warehousing services when the data volumes grow beyond the capabilities of a typical database. We build OLAP Cubes to load, process and store the client's historical data and provide easy access to the processed information.

  • Custom Reporting

    We develop custom reports with the abilities to customize data for different uses and users, drill down to specific details, provide exact information that management needs. All of our reports are easy to export, manipulate and share as is.

  • Re-design and Maintenance

    We understand that market and requirements change in time, we support all kinds of maintenance like adding new core functionalities, modifying an existing process or a complete re-design of an existing application.

Custom Solutions

The solutions that we provide are customized to fit the client's unique requirements that span across different disciplines and expertise.

Here are some of the Featured Solutions that we developed.


  • Project Definition

    In this phase, we discuss complete details of the product with clients. Once we assemble the required information, we develop a Project Definition to highlight the scope of work.

  • Design / Prototype

    During the design phase, we maintain constant contact with the client to ensure that all the expectations are met. We generate design documents and review them with the client. We iterate until the client is fully satisfied. Our engineers then materialize the design document into the product.

  • Development

    The development process involves multiple demos at various stages to get the client's feedback on the product's progress. This help clients know exactly where we are with the schedule and if the product is shaping up according to their requirements. We are open to changing the specifications whenever feasible.

  • Testing

    Preliminary testing of the product is performed by the team internally. Then, we work closely with the clients and a small user-group to test the product to identify bugs and missing features.

  • Support

    Our exceptional support for all products includes initial training sessions, remote assistance, training videos, etc. All of our products include prompt and detailed error notification system so we can start working on the issues immediately.

  • Maintenance

    We perform routine server management and update our tools on a timely manner so that our clients can utilize the latest in technology. Small feature upgrades can be implemented on the fly, and major features are initiated by a formal project proposal.


Fargo Engineering Inc. has experience in developing various solutions in different technologies, some of them are listed below. We choose the perfect technology that provides remarkable experience for our customers.

  • ASP.NET C#
  • SQL Server
  • DevExpress
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Computing

We primarily use ASP.NET framework and use C# as a language to develop applications in ASP.NET. We overlay Devexpress framework on top of ASP.NET to deliver great features and functionality to the applications that we develop. Devexpress allows us to develop custom software with more flexibility and reliability. We develop mobile applications for IOS, Android and Windows OS using Xamarin. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on internet rather than local server. We deploy our applications in cloud to provide shared computer resources. These are the technologies that we use on a daily basis and we can develop an application in any new technology on demand.

About Us

  • Dustin Rogne


    Brings over 18 years of software engineering experience across a wide range of technologies.

  • Sravan Narra


    He specializes in projects that require scalability and performance and has helped large customers deploy the most demanding applications into production.

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